Availability & Affordability


Periods Of Use: One Night Or Three-Day Periods

Daytime Events (Mon-Fri): 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

All Day Events: 8:00 AM – 12 Midnight


  • Mon-Fri Daytime ($100.00)
  • Mon-Thurs All Day ($ 300.00)
  • Fri or Sat All Day ($ 800.00) 
  • Sunday all day ($ 300.00) 
  • Two-Day Period ($1300.00) 
  • Three-Day period ($ 1450.00)

The three-day periods are to accommodate events that require a day set-up time (decorating, preparation), a day for the event, and a day afterward for cleanup. For example, a wedding reception for Saturday night could require Friday for preparation, Saturday for the reception, and Sunday for cleanup. If a User wished to reserve the facility for one night only, all event-related decorations and paraphernalia must be removed by midnight of the period in which the facility was used.

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